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  • Questions about selling vintage Wain books, ephemera, and art
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Where you will receive a swift reply from one of the dedicated Wainiacs behind the site.

Who are we?

At Catland, our goal is to preserve the legacy and work of Louis Wain. We noticed that his work was previously quite difficult to find on the internet, apart from the usual famous few that everyone knows. There is no other large website out there dedicated solely to his life and work; he has no relatives or associates left that would typically be the ones to manage such a site.

The team behind Catland consists of just 2 cousins with a lifelong love for cats and kittens. Since 2022, we have put countless hours of our time and love into this site to make it the definitive place for all things Wain. We hope you can enjoy and have a newfound appreciation for his work.



Responsible for a great amount of the gathering and tagging for a majority of our image collection. Very knowledgeable about Wain and his works, writer of the biography section as well as the library information.

Frippp (Keegan)


The webmistress and other half of the main Catland team, handles the programming and web formatting, along with the majority of the scanning and purchasing of vintage Wain material.

And of course, a special thanks to:

  • Renée Rosen-Wakeford: for her wonderful music and website Lilitu, which had been the central location for Wain content on the web from 1997-2013
  • The Many sites who have helped with gathering these images, including:
  • The Many Authors who have curated collections of and written about Wain, including:
    • Rodney Dale [The Man Who Drew Cats; Catland]
    • Patricia Allderidge [The Cats of Louis Wain; The Myth of the Disintegrating Cat]
    • Chris Beetles [Louis Wain's Cats]
    • Michael Parkin [Louis Wain's Edwardian Cats]
    • Peter Haining [A Cat Compendium]